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Here's an example

You can make this exact calculator widget yourself.
Step 1:
Pick a calculation you want to do, like a Celsus to Fahrenheit converter.
Celsius = (Degrees Fahrenheit - 32)/1.8
Step 2:
Figure out what you want the reader to input. In this case, it's "Degrees Fahrenheit." But it has to be one word for now.
Celsius = (DegreesFahrenheit - 32)/1.8
Step 3:
Copy only what's on the right side of the equation, and paste it into the input box in the next section!
(DegreesFahrenheit - 32)/1.8
Multiple inputs
You can also add as many inputs for the user as you'd like. Ex: A tip calculating widget.
tip = 0.2*(TotalBill - Tax)
Variable names
Variable names should start with a letter and can contain letters, numbers and _s. And feel free to use parentheses, +, -, * and /.
tip = 0.2*(Total_Bill - Tax12345)

Try it yourself.

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