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How do I add or edit students?

  • After you have created a class, go back to 'Home' (teacher desk) and click on the class you wish to add/edit students
  • Click on the tab 'Students' and choose from the options:
  1. Add (add a student using a form which requires you to give details such as name, email, login and password)
  2. Add from another class (add a student that already exists in another class)
  3. Import (follow the instructions and make sure that the file you import from Excel is saved as Comma Delineated i.e. a .csv file)
  4. List (lists all students in the class with names, emails etc…)
  5. Print Login Details (produces a printable pdf of all students with their logins and passwords)
  6. Add student with known username (adds a student which is already in another class or has been previously deleted)

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