Mathster FAQ

ID #1002

Creating an Assessment

  • From the home page after you login, click 'Question Bank'
  • Name your assessment by clicking 'Untitled Assessment' or 'Edit'
  • Select a question you want from the tree
  • Click 'Number to Add' if you want multiple versions of the same question
  • Click 'regenerate question' if you wish to view different randomisations of a question
  • Click 'lock in the example above' if you wish to save a specific randomisation of a question for your pdf
  • Continue selecting questions to build a test, then save the assessment by clicking 'Create Assessment'
  • Select which 'class' to save the assessment to, whether the assessment should be available as an 'online' assessment (if selected, the test will appear in your students view for them to complete - select from/to dates) or as an 'offline' assessment which is ready to print, display as a slideshow or set as online homework later.

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