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Mathster for Schools gives you over 15,000 Randomised Questions from KS1 to A level
online mathematics
maths assessment
To create worksheets
maths assessment
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To show on the white board
teach maths
teach mathematics
Or Set Online Maths
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mathematics games
With a video if you prefer
online maths assessment
online mathematics assessment
Which students answer with real maths, not multiple choice.
online maths worksheets
online maths worksheets
And is automatically marked and added to the teachers gradebook
self marked maths
self marked mathematics
With the teacher being able to see and comment on each answer a student has given
auto marked maths
auto marked mathematics
Or select from thousands of pre-made online maths assessments from KS1 to A level
Interactive Maths Learning Platform
Engaging online Maths Games for Kids and Adults
Students can access the Maths dictionary with over 4,500 entries
Comprehensive Math Curriculum Library
Customizable Maths Worksheets for All Levels
And view tens of thousands of online Maths videos
Fun Math Puzzles and Challenges
Interactive Maths Videos and Tutorials
Win rewards such as badges, points and levels.
Maths Assessment and Progress Tracking
Maths Olympiad and Competition Preparation Resources
Or get access to online Maths games
Maths Homework Help and Solutions
Advanced Maths Courses for In-depth Learning
Mathster is both Teacher led and Student led
Empowering Teachers with Maths Resources
Online Maths Learning Platform
And utilises the data to generate semi-automatic student reports

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Interactive Maths Worksheets for All Ages

Completely free for students for life

Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans

Access worksheets, videos and Online maths assessments

Home Edition Features

Progress tracker to monitor your math skill improvement
Thousands of maths videos Watch at your own pace and understand the topic fully.
Maths quizzes and tests
Online maths assessments & worksheets Complete assessments online or download a worksheet.
Real online maths, not multiple choice Enter solutions using real maths. Our system is smart enough to recognise that many answers exist for one particular question.
Review your work and re-attempt Try to better your scores by attempting the assessments again and get completely new versions of each assessment.

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